AGASARO 4 LOVE CAMPAIGN was composed by three main events, started from January 27th and end up on 31st March 2018. Each event had its own theme but build on the same purpose.

paints and crafts made by kids

  • On 27th/ January/2018 from 5Pm, Day one of the campaign had a theme of “Self-Expression” and took place at iriba center in Kigali town. It was a kid’s day to show off their talents and skills. After sociable the audience, children were enthusiastically prepared to perform what they have learned with their caregivers, children demonstrated their cultural skills in dance and song, alongside with self-defense technique and they also led a paints presentation. Next it was a time for screening an emotional documentary called “Umwana w’Izuba”.Later our guest artist was also performed at the same time people was donating where we have made a revenue of 149 USD (128140 Rwf) and a pledge of 120 USD (103200 rwf) and at 9PM children with all participants gave a goodbye hug of friendship to one another.
  • Next Month February it was a big time for preparing another event in partnership with a group of benevolent called “Charity”, which has took place on 17th/February/2018 at Masoeur Carwash (Nyamirambo).

Volunteers washing cars for raising money.

This time was a “Nyamacoma &Carwash Fundraising” event. The main purpose was to raise funds by bringing publics together for immense cause, and money raised in the event, it will help the kids from Smile Sunday Program to get school fees, facilitates and food used in the weekly program. And the total recite in the event was 297.29 US Dollar (252700 Rwf).

  • Then on the same month of February we had a chance to collect clothes, shoes and school material

at Ecole Francaise Saint Etienne d’ Experuy for one week, where we have collected the things in the value of 400 US dollars (340000 rwf).

The last event with a theme of “Never lose hope” took place on 31st March/ 2018 at Kigali Genocide Memorial. From 3Pm up to 5Pm the environment was tranquilly and the volunteers was ready to welcome every invitee even if the rain was heavy, nothing has stopped people with good heart to attend the event. Then from 5Pm, Master of ceremony welcome and made everyone feel comfortable in the hall, we started with a speech from Aegis Trust, after kids has performed the theatre drama, songs and poesy then we screened the documentary. Later we cultured from Gisimba Damas speech

GISIMBA Damas speaking to the audience

and finally we closed with a raising funds of 188000rwf and online donation of 200 us dollar.

We want to express our gratitude from our partners (Aegis Trust, Gisimba Memorial Center and Iriba center) and everyone’s love, participation and encouragement. The “AGASARO 4 LOVE” Campaign supported children, families, communities. Thank you for taking part in it

you can donate online for the immense case: