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Current Project



SMILE SUNDAY PROGRAM is a multi-projects of our organization (OHODI) started in February 2016 and it will be closed in February 2019. It has an objective to know the life of street children where we bring them together at Gisimba memorial center, to participate in active discussion with them, play and learn and we also help them to get back their lives in an ordinary life by reunification them with their families and we are sharing food together as a goal of sharing stories, laughter and find peace in both our souls and physical touch altogether.

SMILE SUNDAY PROGRAM have 25 children we care for, and there is two categories of children, those who spent all day on the street but in the night they go back sleep at home and there is also those who sleep on the street, that exactly means they have different situations and all we want is to see if all of the children should get equal rights.

The main causes which make those children come and live on the street is the poverty, divorces and uneducated of their parents and all of the causes make their parents to be careless about their children and the children come on the street as the only choice they have.

ONE HELP ONE DIRECTION IHUMURE improves children in other different area such as in :

  • Expression and Participation
  • Social Life
  • Educattion
  • Development and Child’s Protection