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Ngirincuti Day is an annually  event organized by One help One Direction Ihumure in Collabolation with Gisimba After School Program, The event is aimed to give  children a  fun day and an opportunity to show their abilities and talents through different activities games, sport, music, reading, and arts. It is also an opportunity for the children to interact and most importantly to make Friends.

Children are our first priority in the event but it is intended to promote volunteer work in youth or other adult people for community engagement and self-motivating.

Report of ngirinshuti_frienday 05-05-2018

Report of ngirinshuti_frienday 2017




AGASARO 4 LOVE Campaign was a project which it was aimed at raising 10.000 US Dollar or other items that can be used to change the life of kids on street situation with their parents. The main objective was to make the community be aware of the love and care that it owes the children in need.

 It is obvious that kids on street situation have always been subject of persistent abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Their future is still in doubt due to many factors namely: lack of parental control and care, they also suffer from disease, family breakdown and conflict; malnutrition and the deprivation of their basic rights.

The Government of Rwanda has been trying hardly to respond to the problem facing children on street situation. Many policies have been implemented to keep on track with building a promising future for children on street situation, the progress is honestly being made but the general public should also share the common sense of the responsibility and understand the concept of that ‘’It takes a whole village to raise a child’’.

In 2016 our organization has started a weekly program titled “Smile Sunday Program” to help and care for kids on street situations, where we bring children in or out street with an objectives to know how they live and reintegrate in the community and with their families. Currently, we have 25 children we care for and whom are categorized there is two different categories. Children who has been reintegrated in their families and those ones who are still in the process of being reintegrated.

The Idea for “Agasaro 4 Love” campaign came right after spending one year and half with kids in our program. Sharing stories, laughter and amity in both emotional and physical perspective. However, there was still need of creating a transitional center with the provision of basic tools within the program. Training families for basic project skills with the aim of sustaining those initiated programs.

We need to raise 10.000US dollar through different strategies. Money will be raised by selling the bracelets and necklace done by kids themselves, t-shirts; portraits and photos for children. In addition to that individuals, institutions and charity organizations may directly donate money or other educational items and clothing.

agasaro 4 love campaign the-project report 2018

You can still donate online for the cause: https://www.gofundme.com/agasaro4lovecampaign